Android-powered Mobile Internet

I was convinced long before purchasing my G1 from T-Mobile that it would be a worthwhile investment, and I have not been disappointed at all.  In Amarillo, T-Mobile does not yet have 3G service, so data speeds leave a bit to be desired, but it still works. I learned earlier this evening that I may be taking a trip to San Antonio in the near future, unfortunately not on pleasant business.  I know that I will get 3G service there, and I do intend to take my notebook, but I do not have a cellular card for my notebook, and it is an old model that does not have built-in wireless.  Getting Internet to my laptop on the go has always been a hassle - but what if I could use my G1 to get Internet to my laptop? It did not take much searching to find Tetherbot, which provides some basic tunnelling for a computer connected via USB to an Android-powered device.  Using Tetherbot and the Android SDK, I was able to establish a tunnel for Internet browsing within a couple of minutes.  Now I just need to finish upgrading my notebook to Fedora 11 (a hassle of its own) and I will be ready to go!


Hey Patrick,
Have you had a chance to load a custom ROM onto your phone yet?
I currently have the Google Nexus One and have a custom ROM loaded to it, such features like overclocking and built in tether, newer versions like Android 2.1 update 1 and 2.2 are all available.
You being an android guy I'm sure you are plenty aware of the benefits. Its just cool :D

Yep. I am still using the same G1, but I have been running CyanogenMod ROMs for a long time now. I am currently running a CyanogenMod nightly with a kernel from pershoot, patches from Firerat and Amon_RA's recovery.

Amon_Ra's recovery since I first started using it has amassed some amazing features. Its really phenomenal the work most of the Open Source community puts into their popular tools and programs

I just started playing with the newest version of blender, the 2.55 beta
That is simply amazing, I find it easier to use than most of 3ds Max, Maya, and the latest version of Lightwave.

Will continue to play with it