A couple of days ago, I decided to consolidate my online identity around my real name. I had been using the same nickname on the Internet for over a decade, and had built a significant identity around it, but its original meaning was no longer relevant, and having both the nickname and my real name for online identities was reducing the impact of both.

I have already changed "nman64" and "n-man" in many places to "patrickwbarnes". I have registered and redirected to it. It will take some time to get everything changed over, and I intend to keep old contact information working for the foreseeable future. I will continue updating the links on this site and the information on the "Contact" page as the changes continue.

With the change in my domain name, I decided there was no better time to replace my old, outdated website with something new. I have been thinking about what to replace it with for some time, and I settled on a WordPress blog. I have tried blogging several times before and have always let it fail. Lately, there have been several times that I have thought about writing something, but have not had a blog to write it on. Since I am consolidating my website into a WordPress blog, perhaps that will give me more incentive to maintain it this time. Only time will tell.

Comments from this post were discarded during a website migration.